Linea d’orizzonte in Canova22. The old furnace of Antonio Canova

Linea d’orizzonte is an interdisciplinary artwork created specifically for the circular space of the kiln and is enjoyed individually. The idea was to create an installation that would place the viewer in another world. To achieve this, I arrived at the diorama, actually a kind of first form of virtual reality, in which the audience is presented with a particular scene and immersed in it.
The diorama I developed consists of a large circular wooden table 340 cm in diameter with an opening in the centre. The table rests on high legs and the top is at eye level. The observation point is in the centre. Viewers enter the installation by lowering their heads slightly to reach the opening in the centre of the table so that they are in the middle of the view. The viewer finds himself in a circular space with 450 carefully positioned ceramic elements. Some elements are simple square bricks of various sizes; others have a trumpet shape inside that acts as a natural amplifier of the composition.
The elements and sound are oriented towards the centre and distributed in a circle.